What Are the Specs for Caterpillar Engines?

Caterpillar manufactures more than 15 different engines ranging from 1/2 liter to 32 liters in displacement, as of April 2015. Specifications for each engine including output, displacement, compression and physical dimensions are available from the Caterpillar website. Further technical details can be requested via an online form.

The smallest industrial Caterpillar engine is the C0.5, which delivers up to 13.7 brake horsepower from a 31 cubic inch, naturally aspirated, two cylinder, diesel motor. The largest is the C32 ACERT, which is a 1,960 cubic inch, twin turbo, V12 diesel engine producing up to 1,200 brake horsepower. All Caterpillar engines meet tough emission standards and are backed by a global technical support network.

The Caterpillar Tractor Company was formed in 1925 when the Holt Manufacturing Company merged with the C. L. Best Tractor Company, and started producing tracked industrial and agricultural machinery in California. The first Caterpillar diesel engine was the DD9900, developed in 1930 and made famous in the revolutionary Caterpillar Diesel 60 tractor. In addition to growing product sales, much of Caterpillar's development has been due to its acquisition of other companies in related industries. Caterpillar vehicles and machinery are easily recognized around the world by the trademark Caterpillar Yellow livery and CAT logo.