What Are the Specs for the 2015 Chrysler Barracuda?


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Some of the specifications for the 2015 Chrysler Barracuda include use of street and racing technology, strut front suspension, multilink rear, and multiple cylinder engines with direct injection. Other specifications include automatic conventional and dual clutch with a six- or seven-speed stick.

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What Are the Specs for the 2015 Chrysler Barracuda?
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The use of the street and racing technology is a specification significant in maintaining the stability of the 2015 Chrysler Barracuda. The technology enhances reduced wait of the car while providing a wide range of power trains. Development of the global rear drive is incorporated in order to cut on the wheelbase and trucks weight to enhance swiftness.

The strut front suspension is a key specification designed to improve safety of the Cuda on all terrains. The installation of multilink rear and front suspension enhances stability making the car to adapt to the varying angles during off-road driving. The 2015 Chrysler Barracuda is designed to allow the use of multiple cylinder engines ranging from four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines, a specification that makes it powerful and user friendly.

The automatic conventional and dual clutch enhances the transmission choices making the car efficient and convenient to deal with.The speed sticks installation is a new specification that enhances fuel economy in the Cuda while at the same time ensuring efficiency in the transmission system. The model has one supercharged Hemi V-8 with dual-clutch automatics.

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