What Are Some Specs of the 2014 Ford Ranger Truck?


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The 2014 Ford Ranger T6 is a foreign mid-size truck that features either a Duratec gasoline engine or a Duratorq diesel engine. The truck is available in a two-door single cab, two-door extended cab or four-door double cab model. All body styles have a 127-inch wheelbase and four-wheel drive option.

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What Are Some Specs of the 2014 Ford Ranger Truck?
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A 2.5-liter Duratec gasoline engine option is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. This inline-four DOHC engine delivers 165 horsepower and achieves up to 37 mpg in fuel efficiency. A 3.2-liter, five-cylinder Duratorq turbo-diesel engine option is paired with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. This inline-five engine produces 200 horsepower and achieves up to 33 mpg.

The Ford Ranger T6 is assembled in Thailand, South Africa and Argentina. The vehicle is sold in the Netherlands, the Middle East, South Africa and Latin America. The Ford Ranger was available in the United States from 1982 to 2011, but Ford discontinued production due to a decline in compact truck sales and direct competition with the Ford F-150 full-size pickup. The Ranger T6's new platform is comparable in size and cost to the F-150.

The 2011 Ford Ranger has 2.3-liter Duratec inline-four engine and five-speed automatic transmission. This DOHC gasoline engine produces 143 horsepower and achieves 24 mpg on the highway. The truck's wheelbase ranges from 111 to 126 inches.


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