What Are the Specifications for a Yamaha Snowmobile?


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Specifications for a Yamaha snowmobile differ depending on the year and model. For instance, the specs of a 2015 Yamaha SRX 120 are a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a pull starter. It is nearly 6 feet in length, 34 inches wide, 31 inches high with one seat.

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The specs for a 2014 Yamaha RS Viking Professional vary quite a bit from the SRX 120. The Viking Professional has a three-cylinder, horizontal in-line engine with an electric starter. It is nearly double the length of RSX, at nearly 11 feet, 47 inches wide and 55 inches high. It is a double seater with heated hand grips and rearview mirrors.

Another 2015 model, the Yamaha RS Venture GT has the same engine type as the Viking, but the carburetion type is fuel injected rather than a carburetor. The specs on one of the most expensive Yamaha model, the Apex SE, include a four-cylinder, four-stroke, horizontal in-line fuel-injected engine with an electric starter. It is slightly smaller than the previous two models at 9 feet, 47 inches wide and 47 inches high. This model is built primarily for performance. However, the Viking is a utility machine, and the Venture is made for touring.

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