What Are the Specifications for a True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft?


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True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts measure between 36.5 to 41 inches long and range from rigid to extra flexible. These shafts use a polymer core to absorb vibrations and lower the shock on the player's hands, shoulders, wrists and elbows. Exact length and flexibility options vary between different club types.

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True Temper Dynamic Gold golf clubs are available as parallel irons, parallel woods and tapered irons. Its parallel irons have a tip width of .37 inches, while its tapered irons have a tip width of .36 inches. Its parallel woods have a tip width of .34 inches. All Dynamic Gold clubs are designed for low trajectory, moderate tempo and medium spin.

Tempo refers to the golfer's swing speed and pace. Trajectory determines the flight of the ball; a club with a low trajectory, such as a Dynamic Gold club, has a lower flight to the ground than a club with high trajectory. Spin determines the distance and landing angle of the ball.

True Temper offers both steel and graphite tip trimming on its clubs. It recommends steel tip trimmings for most of its clubs. Graphite tip trimmings are recommended for the longest shaft lengths offered, such as the 44-inch driver, 43-inch 3-wood and 42-inch 5-wood clubs.

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