What Are Some Specifications of Motorhome Vans?


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Some specifications of motor home vans typically include a bedding area that runs the length of the van's passenger compartment and sections for seating during both driving and resting. Many motor home vans also offer appliances, such as a cooking area with a stove or microwave, or a restroom.

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The exact specifications of a motor home van vary between makes, models and years, but many often include the features of larger recreational vehicles on a more compact scale. All models consist of a typical van configuration in the front, with a driver's seat, a passenger seat and two standard doors. In the back, where the van would usually contain seating or an open area, it features amenities that recreate a standard home environment. The size of the van plays a large role in determining the amount and configuration of these amenities.

For example, the 170 Versatile from Roadtrek features a designated sleeping area separate from the eating area, which sits at the rear of the van and includes a bench seat with a table. Some models contain a full galley with a refrigerator, but the unit is typically small in order to fit within the space. Although most motor home vans place all features on one level, it is common to see fold-out beds on the walls of some models.

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