What Are the Specifications of the Ford FE Engine?


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The Ford FE engine series, also known as "Ford-Edsel," has a total of eight displacements ranging from 332 cubic inches to 428 cubic inches. The power output for the engines is between 220 horsepower and 425 horsepower.

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All FE engine models have a bore spacing of 4.63 inches, and a bore size ranging from 4 to 4.23 inches. The stroke size for the 352-cubic-inch engine is 3.5 inches while the sizes for the 390, 406 and 427 engines are 3.78 inches. Stroke sizes for the 410 and 428 engines are 3.98 inches.

Engines ranging from 332 to 410 cubic inches have crankshaft mantles made of nodular iron, while the crankshaft mantles for the 427- and 428-cubic-inch engines are composed of iron and steel. The camshaft journal diameter for all models is between 2.1238 to 2.1480 inches, and the centerline of the crankshaft is 10.17 inches.

The valve stem diameter is not available for the 352- to the 390-cubic-inch engines up to a 4-volt carburetor venturi, but for engines ranging from 406 to 428 cubic inches, the valve stem diameter is 0.371 millimeters. All engines aside from the 428-cubic-inch engine do not have external balance. The connecting rod length for all engines between 390 and 428 cubic inches are between 6.486 and 6.490 inches, and the 352 cubic-inch-engine has a connecting rod length of between 6.538 and 6.542 inches.

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