What Are the Specifications of Dodge Transmissions?


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The specifications for Dodge transmissions vary based on the year and model of a given transmission. For example, the Dodge Ram New Venture 5600 transmission series is rated for 550 pounds of input torque for larger trucks, while the Dodge Ram NV 4500 series is only rated for 450 pounds.

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In addition to the NV 5600 and NV 4500 series, there is also the Dodge NV 3500 transmission series. Smaller vehicles, such as the 1500 and 2500 models, typically feature the NV 3500 series, which has a 340-pound-torque-input rating. However, both the NV 3500 and NV 4500 are completely synchronized five-speed manual transmissions often used with 5.2-liter engines.

The NV 5600 series, by comparison, is a fully synchronized six-speed transmission used frequently in 5.9-liter engines and above. There are also two iterations of the NV 5600 series, including the standard Ram version with a torque rating of 550 pounds, and the HD version used in diesel engines and much larger trucks. The HD version also has a higher input torque rating of 650 pounds. Both are capable of towing a 20,000-pound trailer for approximately 150,000 miles before needing maintenance. As of 2015, Dodge typically does not use the NV 3500, 4500 and 5600 series in its newest Dodge vehicles.

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