What Are the Specifications of the CJ5 Jeep?


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The specifications of the CJ-5 Jeep models varied during its three decades of production. Generally, the vehicles had an 81 inch or 83.5 inch wheel base, a three- or four-speed transmission and a Willy's Hurricane F-head I4 Perkins Diesel engine. Numerous automakers produced approximately 603,300 CJ-5s from 1954 to 1983.

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In 1965, Kaiser owned the right to the CJ-5 and gave it a new 155-cubic-inch engine. After American Motors bought the company, it replaced the Hurricane with a one-barrel, 232-cubic-inch engine in 1972. A 258 cubic inch engine model, standard in California, was built as a variant.

To create the CJ-5 muscle car model, the automaker installed a 304-cubic-inch V8 engine, elongating the vehicle hood and fender by five inches. The manufacturer also extended its wheelbase by three inches and included a full-floating Dana 30 front axle. In 1979, a 258-cubic-inch engine with a two-barrel carburetor became standard equipment for the CJ-5. From 1980 to 1983, a version of the General Motors Iron Duke I4 engine with the Hurricane brand became the CJ-5 standard.

The 1952 Korean War vehicle M-38A1 was the model for the original Jeep CJ-5. When Kaiser installed the "Dauntless" 155-cubic-inch engine in 1965, at 225 foot-pounds torque, the V6 engine delivered almost twice as much power as the earlier CJ-5 four-cylinder engine.

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