Where Is the Spark Plug on a Kia Sportage?

spark-plug-kia-sportage Credit: AFP / Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

The spark plugs on a Kia Sportage are located under the coil cover. Removing this cover reveals the ignition coils, wires and plugs. About.com states to note carefully where the wires are placed before removal to avoid crossing them after the plug replacement.

Accessing the coil cover requires removal of the air intake assembly and accelerator throttle cable bracket using appropriate tools. Once the cover is removed, four bolts and the two coils are visible and require removal. Twisting the boots frees them from the high-tension leads.

The spark plug cavity collects dust and debris. Using a vacuum or compressed air canister provides a quick way to remove the materials and prevent them from falling into the cylinder through the empty spark plug hole, where they have the potential to cause damage.

Plugs for this vehicle require a 0.039- to 0.040-inch gap. When replacing spark plugs, treating them with anti-seize lubricant makes them easier to remove the next time. The threads on the plugs should be in proper alignment before tightening them to 15 pounds torque. Once the plugs are in place, they are ready for the wires to be reattached. Once coils are in place, replacing the covers and other parts in order ensures the Sportage is ready to drive again.