How Do I Know If Someone Selling a Car on Craigslist Is Trustworthy?


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Determine if a seller on Craigslist is trustworthy by taking personality cues from the post, comparing prices, looking for signs of criminal activity and asking to meet at a crowded place, according to Forbes. Examine if the description and price keep changing, and find out the reason for selling.

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How Do I Know If Someone Selling a Car on Craigslist Is Trustworthy?
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Read the seller’s ad carefully to assess his personality, states Forbes. For example, an ad that is written with complete details, including the asking price and the car’s flaws, indicates that the prospective purchase may go well. In contrast, an ad that contains plenty of spelling errors and shows passive aggression may lead to some issues during the sale.

A buyer should find out the value of the car he is interested to buy, recommends Forbes. Compare the price listed in the ad with the vehicle’s price range. Be wary of cars with significantly low prices, as they may have mechanical issues.

When setting a time and venue to see the car, choose a place with many people for increased safety, says Forbes. Bring a friend when meeting with the seller, and inform him beforehand to keep an eye on the seller. Check for signs of criminal activity, especially damage to the exterior locks and steering column. Other signs include a missing or defaced VIN plate or the use of a nonstandard key.

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