How Do You Find Someone to Repair Your Torn Auto Upholstery?

Start by asking friends, family members and your mechanic which car auto upholstery shops they recommend. Once you have some shop names, check with the Better Business Bureau to see how the businesses are rated.

Contact the auto upholstery shops directly and ask about their experience with your particular problem. While most upholsterers can handle most minor issues, large repairs or specialty materials may require a specialist. You may want to visit the shop in-person to make sure your car is safe there, especially if the repairs are going to take several days.

Ask to see the upholstery shop's portfolio as well. Most keep before and after pictures, especially of larger repairs. This can help you get an idea of the quality of their work and what kind of vehicles they work with the most.

If you only have a minor hole or tear, consider fixing it yourself. Simple tears just require some basic sewing skills, an upholstery needle and extra-strong thread that matches your upholstery, as well as a liquid fabric sealant such as Fray Check. For small holes, buy a small piece of fabric that matches your upholstery as closely as possible. Use an iron-on adhesive to attach the fabric patch to the damaged area. These repairs are more visible than a professional job, but they are effective and are significantly less expensive.