Where Do You Find Small Airplanes for Sale?

Where Do You Find Small Airplanes for Sale?

Small airplanes are available for sale on aviation websites such as Trade-A-Plane.com, AeroTrader.com and BarnStormers.com. Other aviation websites selling small airplanes include Aircraft24.com and BusinessAir.com.

Trade-A-Plane.com sells new and used light aircraft. This site allows buyers to search the inventory by make, model and year. Some of the models on the site include Aeronica, Aeroalcool, Ercoupe, Ekolot and Porterfield. Buyers can access information on the desired model by clicking its description.

BusinessAir.com stocks an inventory of small aircraft such as Cessna and Dassault. This site has a summary of the state, year of manufacture, price and title of the airplane.

AeroTrader.com is a marketplace where sellers post aircraft for sale. The website lists aircraft by make, type, state and dealer. This site has an advanced search form that buyers can use to sort their search by miles, ZIP code, and minimum and maximum price. It also has a locator that allows buyers to search a network of dealers.

Aircraft24.com also lists small airplanes for sale, with each listing directly including the name, year of manufacture, location and price.

Barnstormers.com is an aviation site dealing with the sale of aircraft held by owners or dealers. Each item on the inventory has a summary of its features, condition, date of posting and price. Buyers can contact the owner or dealer directly using the contacts provided on the site. It also provides the location of the aircraft and the existing discounts and warranties. Buyers can click on the image of each aircraft to view its features.