How Do You Get Slide-Out Systems for RVs Repaired?


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Getting the slide-out system of a recreational vehicle repaired may require contacting a repair technician with the electrical and mechanical skills for the job. RV owners can find these technicians through RV dealers, automotive mechanics and RV services and parts sellers.

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There are many ways to get the slide-out repaired on an RV. Owners may want to start by checking with the dealer where they purchased the vehicle. Many RV dealers also have a service department that is equipped to handle any problem that pops up on a vehicle.

Another option is looking for an RV parts store and supplier. Some larger retailers, such as Camping World, offer collision and repair services with a garage in the automotive department. Even a larger regular retail store, such as Sears or Wal-Mart, may have technicians who know how to fix the slide out on an RV. When contacting the store, detail whether the problem with the slide out seems to be mechanical or electrical. Getting someone trained in electrical systems may be more difficult, so it is best to bring it up ahead of time.

RV owners may also contact local automotive repair shops. Mechanics and technicians with training in electrical systems may work at shops nearby and may be capable of checking out the RV.

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