What Are the Sizes of Standard Pickup Trucks?


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One-half, three-quarter, one as well as one and a half tons are the standard pickup truck sizes. Pickup trucks are sized by the amount of load they can carry. The most common model is the one-half ton pickup that is rated to carry loads up to one thousand pounds.

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What Are the Sizes of Standard Pickup Trucks?
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The standard size bed for all full size pickups is a little over 4 feet by 8 feet, or large enough to carry a full size sheet of plywood lying flat in the bed with the tailgate closed. Cab sizes available include standard, extended and crew. The standard has two doors and one row of seats. The extended is similar to the standard but has additional storage space behind the seats that can usually be accessed by folding the seat forward. Crew cab models are true four-door vehicles with front and back seating.

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