What Size Tires Does a Ford Fusion Take?


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There are several different things that come into play when determining the size of tires for a Ford Fusion, such as the year of the vehicle and the rim size. However, drivers can change the rims as well if a different size tire is desired.

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A 2014 or 2013 Ford Fusion that has 19-inch rims on it will require a tire that is 235/40R19/XL 96 V. For the same vehicle in the same years with 16-inch rims, it requires tires that are 215/60R16 95H. An example of how the year of the vehicle helps determine the tire size is that a 2006 Ford Fusion that has 16-inch rims requires a different tire size than the 2014 or 2013's that have 16-inch rims. A 2006 requires tires that are P205/60R16 91T.

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