What Situations Would Require the Use of a Tow Truck Carrier?


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Carrying a boat from a certain point to a lake, and moving camping items from or to a campsite would require the use of a tow truck carrier. The carrier may also be helpful in drag racing and auto crossing.

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Evaluate the laws on towing, and check the weight and capacity of your load before you get to the road. When towing, drive and turn with less speed, accelerate gradually, change lanes carefully, and apply brakes slowly.

Use devices that control swaying to prevent the truck from swinging side to side while towing. If the carrier starts to sway at an accelerated speed, reduce the speed by gradually taking the foot off the accelerator. Once in a slow speed, put the brakes on to stop the truck, fit the truck and carrier properly, and move heavier loads to the front and lighter loads to the back. Pull the truck forward if you are carrying a boat or a camper.

Be sure to get enough space before turning to the right if you are towing a boat. To move the trailer to the right, turn the wheels of the truck left. When backing up, have someone at the back of the trailer to help, and then turn and look at the carrier instead of using the rearview mirrors.

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