What Are Some Simple Truck Seat Repairs?


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Reupholstering fabric or installing seat covers are both examples of relatively simple truck seat repairs. The reupholstering process typically involves unbolting and removing the seats from the vehicle's interior before stripping away the old fabric and then measuring, cutting and sewing new fabric in place. The installation of truck seat covers is a simpler process that may require no more than removal of the headrest before fitting the covers and securing them in place using Velcro straps of hook clasps.

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Reupholstering seats is best done once the seats have been removed and disassembled. Unbolt the seats from the mounting brackets located along the floor board, and detach any seat-belt hardware before removing the seats. Disassemble the seats and then cut through the seams, and remove the existing vinyl, leather or fabric covering. Measure, trace and cut fabric patterns before fitting them the seat components and sewing them in place. Reinstall the seats by reversing the removal steps.

The process of installing a seat cover consists of removing the headrests and sliding the cover into place over the back of the seat. Ensure the cover matches the seat's contours before tucking the cover through the crease of the seat and securing it in place. Slide the bottom piece over the lower cushion, and attach the tie-down straps between the front and back covers.

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