What Are Signs That the Sensor Is Going Out in Dodge Vehicles?


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There are a number of sensors in a Dodge vehicle, including an engine speed sensor. Some of the signs that an engine speed sensor is faulty include a transmission that revs higher before a gear change and the transmission changing to overdrive too late or not at all.

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Though the engine speed sensor should work by sending information throughout the car on how quickly the engine is spinning, when faulty, it can display a number of strange symptoms. Another sign of a faulty engine speed sensor is in the brakes, and they may be braking harder than normal. If the speedometer is not working or working erratically, this could also be a sign that there is an issue with the engine speed sensor. Often, the check engine light comes on when accelerating with a faulty engine speed sensor, and the overdrive light may blink on or off for no reason.

If a Dodge car is experiencing these symptoms, it is best to take it to a local Dodge dealership and ask for diagnostic work. While some of these problems may seem to come from the transmission, it is best to make sure the dealership checks all areas of the car before starting repairs. Many of these signs can be symptoms of other issues in addition to the engine speed sensor.

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