What Are the Signs of a Leaking Head Gasket on Honda Accords?


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Signs that a Honda Accord, and other cars, may be experiencing a leaking head gasket include vehicles consuming excess amounts of coolant fluid or oil, and having brown, bubbling or otherwise abnormal fluids upon drivers checking the oil. Sometimes, owners do not realize a problem exists until their cars begin performing poorly with no apparent reason. In this case, a failing head gasket may be the cause, but owners can look for several telltale signs to distinguish head gasket problems from other issues.

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Fortunately, drivers can make several quick physical inspections to check for head gasket problems. If cars suddenly consume more coolant fluid than normal, drivers should start their cars, then perform several inspections. Steam or water coming from the exhaust indicates a problem, as does wet or moisture-laden exhaust. Under the hood, a low coolant reservoir level or bubbles in the engine inlet may signal head gasket problems.

Excess oil consumption can also be caused by leaking head gaskets. Poor idling and exhaust with a blue and white color may be caused by malfunctioning head gaskets.

Mixing of oil and coolant fluid is another indication of head gasket problems. To check these fluids, drivers should check their oil reservoirs using a dipstick. Dipsticks that emerge with brown, frothy or watery liquids may indicate head gasket problems. Upon noticing any of these abnormalities, drivers should take their cars in for inspection and diagnosis as soon as possible, as leaking head gaskets can cause considerable damage.

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