What Are Some Signs of Damage to Look for in Used Saltwater Fishing Boats?


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Some signs of damage to look for in used saltwater fishing boats include deep discoloration or moss, corrosion or a dull Gel-Coat. Other signs that a boat has damage include fraying nylon riggings and loose bulkheads.

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Those buying a new used boat should examine it thoroughly before buying, and should start by picking up any items on deck to look for moss and discoloration. Light discoloration is normal, but deep discoloration or moss growth is a sign of neglect. Buyers should also look at the metal and wood surfaces of the boat as salt can make these materials rapidly deteriorate. Wood may look unsightly, and aluminum may have pits, cracks or look weak.

Buyers should also look at the riggings as nylon may fray or appear dirty due to the salt. The buyer should also look at the Gel-Coat, and if the owner does not care for the boat, the coat has a dull appearance and a chalky residue.

The buyer should also look at the hull of the boat and at the bulk heads. If the bulk heads are loose, it could create an issue. Laminate usually secures the bulk heads in place, but over time, the laminate may loosen, especially if there are other signs of neglect.

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