What Is the Significance of a Chevy Wheel Bolt Pattern?


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The Chevy wheel bolt pattern is one of the measurements owners need to ensure the proper fit when purchasing replacement wheels for a vehicle. The wheel bolt pattern refers to the number of bolts and the bolt center diameter.

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The easiest way to find wheel bolt pattern is to refer to a chart listing make and model of the vehicle. Such charts are available at brick-and-mortar and online wheel distributors. Bolt center diameter is the diameter of a circle passing through the center of all the lug bolts. Manufacturers express it in inches or millimeters. While it is theoretically possible for an owner to measure the bolt center with a tape measure, some wheels vary by only a half a millimeter, so most tire shops use a special tool to measure the diameter if there is any question.

Some two-wheel drive Chevy trucks have rack and pinion steering. These trucks require wheels with the correct wheel bolt pattern and the correct hub diameter. Wheels with the correct wheel bolt pattern and a large hub bore fit the truck; however, at high speeds, they cause vibration. As of 2014, large bore wheels continue to fit four-wheel drive Chevy trucks and sports utility vehicles.

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