Should a Used SS Impala Be Sold on Craigslist?


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Owners looking to sell a car, including a Chevrolet Impala SS, should consider placing a listing on Craigslist as a way of avoiding selling it to a dealer or through a third party. Craigslist.com is a popular website, and there's no fee for listing an item for sale.

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Dealers typically offer far below the value of a car because lot space is limited; dealers need to make a significant profit when they sell a car. Some websites specialize in car listings, but many charge sellers who list an ad. Because of this, Craigslist is a popular place for listing cars.

Before listing a car for sale, however, the seller must ensure that he has appropriate paperwork in case a potential buyer makes an offer. Sellers should ensure that any recalled parts have been serviced, should research the car's VIN to see if it has had multiple owners. Adding technical information about the car can help as well.

It's also important to price the car appropriately. Potential buyers often turn to Craigslist when looking for a bargain, so cars priced too high might not sell. Sellers might also want to note if they're willing to bargain. Because buyers sometimes want to negotiate, it might be worth listing the car slightly above its market price as a starting point.

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