Should You Trust Used Volvo Parts for Sale on EBay?

Used Volvo parts that are safe to purchase from eBay include a fuel tank, gas cap, intake manifold and exhaust pipes, says Many Volvo parts listed on eBay are covered by a warranty for increased protection.

If the information isn't provided in the item description, ask the seller how many miles the used part has. This is especially important for a part such as a transmission or turbocharger, as a part with high mileage is more likely to malfunction than a part with low mileage. Contact a mechanic to learn how many miles are too many for a particular part. When dealing with parts that directly influence safety, such as tires or brake drums, it's especially wise to err on the side of caution and avoid purchasing parts with high mileage to reduce the chance of potentially serious part failures.

Look for sellers with high feedback ratings, and look for listings that have clear pictures and detailed product descriptions that provide vital information, such as condition and mileage. Review the seller's return policy, and don't hesitate to contact the seller with any questions. If a seller doesn't accept returns, it's critical to ensure that the used part is a correct match for your car, as there's no recourse if the wrong part is purchased.