What Should You Know About Trucks for Sale in California?


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Many aspects relating to purchasing a used or new truck in California are similar to purchasing a truck in any other state. However, California does have special rules about when the buyer needs to file title transfer paperwork, pay fees and meet safety standards.

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California has its own set of safety and quality standards that apply to all trucks and cars driven within the state, with the most notable regulations revolving around smog laws. Federal regulations about acceptable vehicle emissions levels are determined by the air quality in a city compared to its population level, thus resulting in relatively low standards in many states. California has its own guidelines on top of the federal standards that require each legally drivable vehicle to pass a smog check on a regular basis. Trucks purchased within California need to meet these standards and provide the necessary proof to the California Department of Motor Vehicles in order to be legally registered and approved for use.

Other factors a buyer should consider about buying a car in California include the 5-day time period in which she must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of a title change. She must also pay the applicable fees for the change based on the car's value.

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