Why Should You Read Your Mercedes Owner's Manual?


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Reading the owner's manual for a Mercedes gives the owner everything he needs to know to maintain his vehicle as long as he owns it. Such information as car maintenance intervals appears inside the manual, and so does helpful information about the location of the spare tire and the jack.

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Some of the most important information regarding maintenance of a Mercedes in the owner's manual includes the maximum mileage that the owner should drive his car before changing the oil. Scheduling other services, such as changing the engine air filter, checking the belts for wear and changing the cabin air filter are all addressed in the owner's manual.

Additional information includes the type of motor oil that the owner should use in his Mercedes. The recommended octane ratings for the gasoline used in the car appear as well. The size and appropriate air pressure for tires and the proper type of replacement spark plugs are also helpful pieces of information.

The performance of some simple tasks such as aligning the headlights correctly is possible for most owners without having to hire a mechanic. Instructions for that task as well as changing windshield wiper blades, accessing the fuse box and contacting the manufacturer for warranty claims are in the manual as well.

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