Who Should Purchase a Harley-Davidson Chopper Motorcycle?


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Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including the chopper motorcycle, are popular among all ages, genders and backgrounds and should be purchased by customers who have a love of adventure, are passionate and enjoy the sport of riding. People who wish to purchase a Harley-Davidson chopper or any type of motorcycle should check the Department of Motor Vehicles for guidelines to obtain a motorcycle license in their state.

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The stereotypical Harley-Davidson rider may be a tattooed, bar-brawling man, but the vast majority of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts are laid-back, friendly men and women with a passion for camaraderie, riding and community. Harley-Davidson riders include military veterans, women and celebrities. The Harley Owners Group, or HOG, has more than 1 million diverse members worldwide, as of 2015.

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