How Should You Properly Dispose of Used Oil?


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To properly dispose of used motor oil, transport the used oil in appropriate containers to a household hazardous waste facility, gas station, auto shop, or other waste collection site. Some collection sites may charge a small fee to dispose of the oil.

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The first step in disposing of used motor oil is to use a funnel to transfer it from the oil drain catch pan to a large, rigid plastic container with a tightly fitting lid, taking care to ensure that the container is not overfilled. Use containers specifically purchased for this purpose or other appropriate containers, such as the original motor oil container. If transporting the oil to a collection site that recycles used motor oil, the container should be clean so as to prevent contamination of the oil with chemicals, such as solvents, gasoline and antifreeze, that would render the oil unable to be recycled. Allow the oil to cool before transferring it from the oil drain catch pan to the container to minimize the possibility of the container melting or bursting open.

Next, transport the oil to a collection site. Many gas stations and oil change shops accept used oil for recycling. Some localities operate hazardous household waste recycling centers.

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