How Should You Prepare for a Road Sign Test?


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Prospective drivers can prepare for a road sign test in a number of ways, such as studying an updated copy of the driver's manual, taking an online practice test, or simply observing how real traffic behaves around certain road signs. The majority of written driving exams consist of matching road sign images to meanings; therefore, by learning what the signs mean, drivers can better prepare for the test

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For beginning study, it's best for would-be drivers to go to their local DMV office and request a current copy of the driver's manual. Although road signs for the most part do not change, it's best to have current information. Also, the manual describes in detail how a driver should behave when confronted with a sign. For example, the red octagonal stop sign means the driver should come to a complete stop, watch for oncoming traffic, and proceed with caution. A sign marked "Yield" means drivers should allow oncoming traffic to proceed first. Many DMV websites provide digital copies of the manual for download.

Online practice tests exist as well, some more comprehensive than others. Studying a small amount each day gives the brain time to absorb the information.

The best way to learn what road signs mean is to watch what other drivers do. Some road signs explicitly spell their meaning or make it obvious what is coming up, like a lane merge.

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