What Should a Person Look for When Buying a Motor Home Through a Private Owner.


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Some things an individual should consider when buying a used motor home from a private owner include wear on the interior living space, the quality of the exterior and the state of the motor and other mechanical systems. Private sales do not typically offer any guarantees of quality or condition.

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Many individuals look to purchase used motor homes from private sellers because of the lower prices typically offered compared to new models sold by dealers. One of the biggest reasons private sellers are able to offer lower prices is because they are not required to perform any inspections on the vehicle nor do they need to provide any documentation about its state. Dealers are prohibited by laws and regulations from selling vehicles that have mechanical issues, which means that they need to pay to have any issues fixed. The cost of these repairs is typically passed onto the buyer through the final list price.

Individuals purchasing from private sellers also have little to no method of recourse if the vehicle has issues after it is purchased. Many dealers offer a limited warranty on sales that let the purchaser return if issues are discovered. Private sellers have no obligation once the transaction is complete.

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