What Should I Name My Car?


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Naming a car is a matter of personal preference, and the name chosen could be a personal favorite, a reference to a loved one, a nod to the car's appearance or linked to the way it handles. Whatever name is chosen, it should be something that is personal but does not cause embarrassment if mentioned in public.

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People name their vehicles for many reasons, and this is reflected in the wide range of names used for cars. A lot of the time, cars, like ships, are given female proper names such as Julie, Debbie, Priscilla or Bessie, though male names are sometimes used, according to author Julie Glover. Famous cars with proper names include Christine and Herbie. Proper names are also used if a car is named on behalf of, or in memory of, a friend or relative.

Other options for car names include references to its color, such as Black Beauty or Scarlet O'Hara. A twist on this is to link the color to another theme. For example, a bright blue car belonging to a gamer might be called Sonic after the computer game hedgehog. The shape of the car or the way it maneuvers might also suggest a name, such as Tank for large, older vehicles.

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