What Should You Look for in a Work Van?


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The considerations to make when looking for a work van include size, cost and payload. It is a good idea to test drive different models before making a decision.

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Size is a major factor to consider when purchasing a work van, and includes both exterior and interior size. The interior size also determines the exterior size of the van, especially where length is concerned. The type and quantity of goods to be transported usually determine the appropriate size van.

Next, individuals should consider the cost of the vehicle and the specific transportation needs. Bigger vans have better hauling capacity, but cost more. Buying used is also an option where price is a concern. However, it is important to have the van inspected by a qualified mechanic before purchasing used to avoid problems in the future. Buyers should consider fuel economy when factoring in the cost of the van. Long-term savings on fuel can add up significantly.

Lastly, buyers should consider payload capacity especially when looking to transport big loads. A van with a small payload may mean more trips, while one with a bigger payload may not be fully utilized. Consumers need to keep in mind maneuverability especially when driving in urban areas. Turning circle statistics do not give an indication of how well the van takes tight corners or backs into parking spots.

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