What Should You Look for in a Used Ranger Bass Boat?


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When buying any used bass boat, it's important to look for small cracks or other signs of damage since boats are designed to be as light as possible. It's also important to check the engine carefully as an engine replacement can be expensive.

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While it's worth having an expert inspect the engine, potential buyers can see if the propeller seems to spin without wobbling. Buyers might also want to check the oil to make sure it's fairly clean; oil with excessive particulate matter might indicate that the boat hasn't been maintained well. If possible, prospective buyers should take the boat on a test ride to make sure it's capable of running well with the throttle fully opened.

Boats that are stored indoors are typically more durable than those stored outside since ultraviolet light can damage the boat over time. Aluminum boats can typically handle light well, but fiberglass boats might show signs of discoloration if the sun has caused damage.

Regardless of what the boat is made of, it's worth taking time to inspect as closely as possible, preferably on a sunny day when the boat is dry. Dents and dings on an aluminum boat can affect its ability to travel efficiently, and tiny cracks might indicate that the boat is suffering from metal fatigue, which can affect its integrity. Cracks on fiberglass boats tend to grow as soon as they form, making them easier to detect.

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