What should you look for in a used Mustang?


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What you should look for in a used Ford Mustang depends on why you are buying the car, though the overall condition and any required repairs are always important factors. You should also think about the cost of transporting the car if you are buying long distance.

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What should you look for in a used Mustang?
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The way you intend to use the Mustang helps determine an acceptable physical condition. For example, if you are buying a Mustang for general driving around your city, you want to look for one in good condition that does not need much work. Taking the car to an auto shop to have repairs done increases the overall cost of the car and, if the repairs are extensive, defeats the purpose of buying the car used. Alternately, if you are buying the car with the intent of fixing it up yourself, the condition doesn't matter as much. Cosmetic imperfections or missing engine parts aren't deal breakers because you are going to be working on the car anyway.

The way you plan on transporting the Mustang is also important to consider as it relates to cost. If you have to pay thousands of dollars to ship a cheap Mustang from another state, it may not be worth it compared to purchasing a more expensive model that you can drive home.

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