What Should You Look for in Used Canopies for Trucks?


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When buying a used canopy, buyers should first consider fit followed by price, available warranties, brand, age of the canopy, color, style and features. Used truck canopies, also known as shells, tops or caps, are available through a number of resellers such as American Topper & Accessories, Kanopy Kingdom and Truck'n America. Canopies are used to cover and protect the contents of a pickup truck bed.

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The most important factor to consider when purchasing a used truck canopy is fit. Truck manufacturers have made many changes over the years to the size and shape of pickup beds, so ensure the canopy for sale is compatible with the truck make, model and year. The best way to be sure the canopy fits is to set the shell on the bed. Make sure the canopy is easy to install and remove and that the canopy color is compatible with the color of the pickup.

Once the fit is checked, examine the brand of the canopy. Go to the manufacturer's website to determine how long it has been in business and its reliability. Next, ask the reseller about features, such as inside carpet lining, sliding windows and racks on top of the canopy.

Finally, negotiate the price based on the age and condition of the canopy and any warranties the reseller is offering on materials or paint. Ask the reseller if he charges for taxes and shipping.

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