What Should I Look for When Shopping for a Hot Rod Car?


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Those who want to purchase a hot rod car instead of building one should look for quality parts and a high degree of workmanship, states AutoTraderClassics.com. The interested party should take the car for a test drive to look for problems, and verify that it has valid title and registration.

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What Should I Look for When Shopping for a Hot Rod Car?
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Interested buyers for complete hot rods should ask for receipts for the parts and for the names of the shops that have done work on the car, recommends AutoTraderClassics.com. If the seller is unable to provide these, the buyer can bring their own expert to look at the car.

Buyers may also have to pay tax to license a hot rod to drive on regular roads, and they may need to find an insurance policy through a provider that offers policies for antique and modded cars, reports AutoTraderClassics.com. These insurance providers may require an appraisal of the value of the car, and they may require infrequent use of the car such as for pleasure or hobby driving.

Hot rods are not good investments, according to AutoTraderClassics.com. Though there are rare exceptions, most people do not make back the money they put into a car, even if they start with a complete car.

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