What Should You Look for When Replacing a Fuel Tank for a Motorcycle?


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Prior to replacing the fuel tank of the motorcycle, first check the location and the type of fuel tank currently fitted onto the motorcycle. The types of fuel tanks available include steel fuel tanks, plastic fuel tanks and fiberglass fuel tanks.

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What Should You Look for When Replacing a Fuel Tank for a Motorcycle?
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To select a replacement for the motorcycle, the details such as the make, model and year of the vehicle should be known. Check whether the motorcycle comes with fuel valves linked to the gas tank. Also, note whether the fuel tank has a low fuel sensor incorporated into it. If the gas tank replacement is susceptible to rust, there are tank coatings available as a precautionary step.

Before removing the damaged fuel tank, drain the fuel from the fuel tank into a gasoline container. Carefully unfasten the special cap screws that hold the panels around the fuel tank. While fitting the replacement tank on the motorcycle, check the proper fitting of the hose, valves and sensors. Secure the hoses well to avoid gasoline dripping onto the heated engine. Check for the fuel petcock that is compatible with the fuel tank.

In addition to the compatibility factor, select the fuel petcock based on the application. The fuel petcocks available include the standard fuel petcock, the vacuum on/off fuel petcock and the on/off fuel petcocks.

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