What Should You Look for When Purchasing an RV Travel Trailer?


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The main things that should be considered when buying an RV travel trailer are budget and dry weight. Other things that can impact on the decision of which model to purchase include size and ease of use, particularly in relation to parking.

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What Should You Look for When Purchasing an RV Travel Trailer?
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Budget is the first consideration as RV travel trailers come in a variety of sizes and with a number of options. Typically, larger trailers with more accessories are more expensive.

After price, dry weight is the most important consideration. This is the weight of the unit before owners start adding their own items, such as furniture, utensils and luggage. Weight is important because it determines the size of vehicle that can tow the trailer. If it is a small family car, a lighter trailer will be required. However, SUVs or other large vehicles will have no problem towing the largest type of trailer. This means those that are heavier than 4,000 pounds. The other main type of trailer is those that are lighter than 4,000 pounds.

Size is also important as larger trailers offer more living and bathroom space. Typically, the sizes that are available range from 12 feet up to 35 feet, and when thinking about size, ease of use also becomes a consideration. In particular, the storage and parking of larger RV trailers is often more difficult than with smaller options.

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