What Should You Look for in a Power Seat Motor?


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When looking for a power seat motor, pay attention to the maximum width and length of the motor to ensure it can fit in the allotted space. Pay attention to the location of the mounting flange and the size and placement of the holes that accommodate installation. Make sure the motor's voltage and RPMs do not exceed the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Note if any parts need to be purchased separately, such as the shaft on which the motor is mounted.

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To remove a malfunctioning power seat motor, first take the motor-retaining screw from the seat's track. Run the motor enough to line it up with the notches on the track's assembly, and then take out the seat and track assembly. Once the space is cleared, take out the seat track and motor assembly, as well as the assist springs and roll pins, and unattach the retaining nuts, securing the motor assembly to the track.

To install a new motor assembly, line up the motor with the seat track assembly and secure it with the retaining nuts. Reassemble the seat track, roll pins and assist springs. Fasten the seat track and motor assembly to the bottom of the seat, and then place the seat back in the vehicle. Reinstall the retaining screw, and then attempt to move the seat to confirm that the motor is working properly.

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