What Should You Look Out for When Shopping for a Used Ford Bronco?


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When shopping for a used Ford Bronco, look out for failed ignition modules, vibration or noise at high speeds, broken exhaust gas recirculation system tubes, and a high-rpm engine idle. If a Ford Bronco's engine idles at an unusually high rpm, it may have a damaged intake gasket.

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Ford Broncos with V-8 engines manufactured between the years 1990 and 1996 have ignition modules that are prone to sudden failure. When this occurs, the vehicle may intermittently start or not start at all. The problem generally manifests after 91,000 to 223,000 miles.

If a Ford Bronco vibrates or produces noise when traveling at highway speeds, it may have a faulty double Cardan joint. This joint must be replaced by a qualified mechanic to rectify the problem. This only affects Broncos with automatic transmission.

Ford Broncos with faulty exhaust gas recirculation system tubes develop leaks in their exhaust pipes and create a noticeable noise. This generally happens with high-mileage vehicles with odometer readings between 145,264 and 107,500 miles.

The upper intake manifold gasket of Ford Broncos manufactured between the years 1990 and 1996 are prone to failure. This failure causes an engine vacuum leak and makes the car idle at a high rpm. To repair this problem, replace the damaged intake gasket.

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