What Should You Look Out for When Buying Used Utility Trucks?


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Buyers in the market for a used utility truck need to look out for vehicles with damaged or malfunctioning utility equipment, such as mounted storage containers or specialty equipment. Other considerations include the overall quality of the truck, the condition of the engine and if it has a clean title.

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Used utility trucks offer several features not present in typical passenger-grade trucks with one of the most significant being a more powerful engine. Utility trucks often have the largest engine for its class of truck, meaning a high towing capacity and horsepower. As such, it is imperative that buyers properly inspect the engine of a used utility truck before purchase. Even if the buyer is knowledgeable about mechanics, the truck should be taken to a licensed professional for examination in the proper facilities.

Buyers should also inspect the bed of the truck because utility trucks often feature both a heavy-duty lining and special equipment or compartments designed for different kinds of specialty tasks. The bed should be free of cracks and other damage, and any equipment affixed to the bed should be in proper working order. As with any used truck, make sure there are no issues with its title or registration.

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