What Should You Look for in a New Car Hauling Trailer?

Some things to look for before buying a hauling trailer for a car include the frame construction and tongue length. It is also important to consider the tire rating and the warranty.

The construction of the frame is one of the most important components of a trailer, and there are three main shapes. The best for towing, according to Iron Eagle Trailers, is box tubing construction; the other shapes are the channel iron and angle iron. Box tubing resists flexing and twisting better than other frames, and this is testable by standing on the corner of the trailer and gently jumping up and down. If there is no flexing or twisting, it is a box tube frame.

Tongue length is important when buying a new trailer, and a longer tongue is easier to steer. In addition, it is easier to back a trailer with a long tongue.

It is also important to consider the tire rating when buying a hauling trailer. The wheels and tires must have a combined capacity that is, at a minimum, equal to the gross vehicle weight rating of the trailer.

Finally, consider the warranty when choosing a new hauling trailer. Each manufacturer should offer a written warranty with its product, but some of them are better and last longer than others.