What Should You Look for When Hiring a Driving Instructor?


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Individuals looking for a driving instructor should seek out agencies or individuals who possess an instructor license and a devised curriculum for in-class instruction and behind-the-wheel instruction. Driving instructors should also have a well-planned route for beginner and advanced drivers that provides practice for a variety of skills such as turning, lane changes, parallel parking and defensive driving.

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Driving instructors should also possess a patient and nurturing manner and be willing to teach students with repetition. People should request the instructor's pass rate of student drivers to help assess the effectiveness of the teaching strategies. The driving instructor should have a clean driving record, have passed background and random drug tests and have completed the licensing procedures, which often include up to 100 hours of training.

A qualified driving instructor should provide both positive feedback and constructive criticism for drivers to help improve their abilities. Driving instructors must be able to work with a variety of personalities and know how to calm down drivers consumed with anxiety or nervousness.

Cost is often a factor in determining which driving instructor to hire. Individuals should evaluate the candidate's qualifications versus putting price as the highest priority to enhance the safety for individuals taking lessons.

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