What Should You Look for When Considering a VW Buggy Purchase?


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Some important factors to look at when considering the purchase of a VW Buggy are the condition of the body, paint and mechanical parts. Original parts and the condition of the interior are two other important factors to evaluate.

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When evaluating the reasons to buy a VW Buggy, it's good to consider whether the need is for a car that is in a ready-to-drive condition or whether it is primarily a weekend DIY project. Other aspects to clarify include fixing the budget, understanding the insurance costs and deciding on practical aspects such as having a place to park the new acquisition.

A good indicator of the condition of the car's body is if it has rust on it; bubbles in the paint are a sure sign of rust. Other places to check for rust are under the car and inside the fender wells. Give the doors a good shake and if there are small rustling sounds, they could be rust flakes. The body should also be free of big dents and cracks.

A well-done paint job must look smooth and glossy and reflect like glass. Bumps, called the "orange peel" effect, indicate poor quality paint and an amateur job. Check that the paint on the fender edges, under hoods and on the door jams is as bright as that of the outer parts. Also check that there is no trace of paint on the rubber trim around the doors and windows.

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