What Should You Look for When Buying Used Truck Campers?


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When looking at a used truck camper, the most important things are to make sure it is the right size for the vehicle and that it is structurally sound. Buyers should look for warping, damage or punctures that might let in the weather.

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What Should You Look for When Buying Used Truck Campers?
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Truck campers need to be correctly sized for the bed of the truck and within the vehicle's cargo capacity. This prevents damage and reduces the risk of accidents.

The skin, or outer shell, of the camper should be free from large tears or punctures. Some models have roof screws, which should be checked for tightness. Any wooden parts such as folding panels should be checked for warping or discoloration that might indicate water damage. Buyers should look around the interior of the camper for mold.

The seller should be willing to hook up the camper to demonstrate that lights and other appliances work properly, and any slide-out or pop-up parts should be opened to make sure they operate correctly. The camper jack should not be too bent to use easily. Roof vents should be checked to make sure they are undamaged and open properly.

Finally, individuals need to make sure the trailer is appealing and has been cared for properly. Unless there are plans in place for renovations, it should be comfortable and relaxing to use. It should also be the proper size for the type of camping planned.

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