What Should You Look for When Buying Parts for Old Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?


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When shopping for used parts for older model Harley-Davidson motorcycles, check the model number of each part to ensure compatibility with the bike, find out the age of the part and inspect it in person before committing to any transaction. It is also important to understand the possible modes of recourse from the seller in the event that the part experiences an issue.

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The first consideration when looking for used parts for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is if it is an original part from the manufacturer or from another motorcycle, as parts from brands other than Harley-Davidson may not always be compatible with the older model bike. Determine compatibility by checking the model number on the part and comparing it to the specifications on the part currently in place on the motorcycle, or for the part that would be there if the bike does not have it.

Buyers also need to inspect all used parts in person to identify any damage or structural issues that would impede their ability to function. Similarly, buyers should also ask about the history of the part from the owner, because parts with excessive use may have a shorter lifespan than parts with less use and thus lead to more expenses in the future. Buying from private sellers typically does not carry any possibility of refund or protection in the event of a malfunction, though auction sites such as eBay.com and some retail businesses do offer refunds or exchanges.

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