What Should You Look for When You Buy Used Tires?


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Buyers shopping for used tires always need to check the tires' tread depths, age and general condition to look for any signs of damage. It is also important to check the Uniform Tire Quality Grade rating, as tires with higher ratings last longer than those with lower ratings.

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What Should You Look for When You Buy Used Tires?
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The first thing to do when inspecting a used tire is check for damage. Inspect the inside and outside of the tire for obvious signs, such as protruding nails or debris and holes, as well as smaller issues, such as cracks and tears. Some tires also have obvious patches over damaged spots. These tires are not necessarily bad but are more likely to experience issues in the future because the structural integrity is already compromised.

Tread depth is another important aspect to check on a used tire because it determines the tire's performance and remaining lifespan. A tire's tread is the bumpy area on the exterior that touches the ground when the wheel is in motion. Over time, driving the car wears out the tread as it makes contact with different types of road surfaces. Use a tread depth gauge to see the exact depth of a tire and compare it to that of a new tire, which is usually between 10/32 and 12/32 inch.

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