How Should You Go About Fixing a Parking Brake?

To fix a parking brake, adjust the cables, lubricate the braking system to fix any sticking problem and replace any broken brake cable. This procedure may vary depending on whether the braking system is electric or cable-operated. Refer to the car's service manual for issues specific to the model.

Check and tighten any loose cables in the parking brake system. Check if the system is sticky. If so, apply a lubricant between the sliding mechanisms to ease the brake release. Locate the actuator levers on the rear brake calipers and lubricate them as well. If the brake still sticks after lubrication, check the entire parking brake system to identify the problem that causes sticking, and fix it as required.

Next, check and replace a broken cable. To do this, jack up the car and pull apart the brake system to access the brake cable end. Remove the mounting hardware and detach the cable from the caliper and attachment points. If necessary, dismantle any trim to access the parking brake handle bottom, remove the internal cable components and pull the cable out of the car. Install a new cable in the space of the old one, reassemble the trim and test the brake before lowering the car.