What Should You Expect at a 60,000-Mile Maintenance Interval?


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At the 60,000-mile maintenance interval, the technician changes the car's engine oil and installs a new oil filter. In addition, a mechanic replaces the engine air filter, in-cabin air filter, wiper blades and fuel filter. A mechanic also replaces the transmission fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant on top of the timing belt and battery work. The 60,000-mile maintenance interval also repeats at 120,000 miles, but the next major maintenance interval occurs at 75,000 miles.

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The 60,000-mile maintenance schedule includes the same type of maintenance done at the 30,000-mile maintenance interval with the exception of replacing the timing belt. In addition, it is also a good idea to replace the battery during this interval.

Though an oil change is part of the 60,000-mile maintenance interval, ideally it is best to change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If using a synthetic oil, it is possible to stretch this interval to about 7,500 miles, but only if driving the vehicle under ideal conditions. The oil keeps the engine lubricated and healthy, but this process only works properly if the oil is changed regularly. If the driver frequently uses the car in harsh weather and in the stop-and-go environment of city roads, sticking to the regular intervals between maintenance operations is advisable.

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