What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Used Roll-Off Truck for Your Business?


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Look for dealers who offer Department of Transportation inspections, and be sure to review maintenance records on hydraulics, axles, etc. In addition, since purchasing a used roll-off truck is like buying any used vehicle, prospective owners need to test tires as well as the electric, steering and ignition systems.

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Most roll-off trucks operate as commercial vehicles on public roadways. Therefore, they require special licensing through local, state and federal Department of Transportation and roadways. Dealers selling used roll-off trucks should have maintenance records and proof of inspections to offer as part of the sale.

Because roll-off trucks are heavy machines designed to lift heavy loads, prospective buyers need to know as much as possible about wear patterns and replacement cycles. Some of this information is available from maintenance records and inspections. Other information, especially about changes in systems, and fluids, comes from certified mechanics and full-service dealers.

Buyers must also use their common sense when shopping for new vehicles. The same BELTS test for used cars applies to heavy trucks. At a minimum, buyers should know how to test the brakes, the electrical system, and lights, the tires and the suspension regardless of what inspection reports say about the truck.

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